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When you order an aviary from Living Design, we know you’ve put your trust in us. You’ve trusted us to deliver a quality product and aviary service, backed by caring people who will be attentive to your needs.

At Living Design, we are committed to our system of uncomplicated aviary management. Our staff is always available to answer your questions. Every Living Design employee is dedicated to bringing you all the satisfaction you expect.

About Us

Who is Living Design?

Since 1980, Living Design has studied the health, welfare and breeding of Passerines in captivity. While other work was being focused on Psittacines (parrots), little or no attention was being paid to small seedeaters. 

Living Design has gained a respected reputation for its work in avian research, genetics and disease control. We continue to evolve into a world class Passerine research facility. On staff are consulting veterinarians, biologists, vet techs and vet attendants. Our in-house staff works with several thousand birds on a daily basis in our stations.

Our 50+ species provide a good representation of the birds being studied. Breeding and research focuses on controlling disease, nutrition, environmental conditions and the human health implications of keeping passerines. Our flock is the primary research facility for a large number of studies. Some notable achievements include establishing baseline blood work for passerines, work on identifying various protozoa's and advancement in developing techniques to draw blood from these tiny birds. Much of our research has been presented at veterinary and aviculture conferences. Yet, for all that has been accomplished, there is still much more to do.  

Living Design follows the guidelines of the Model Aviculture Program, ensuring that we employ the very best and healthiest living conditions for our birds. Our consulting veterinarians and full time veterinarian technicians constantly monitor our flock. More than that, they monitor air and water conditions of selected aviaries. This assures that the conditions inside our aviaries are always healthy for our birds; and outside the aviaries, healthy for the people watching them.  Living Design is the largest breeder of finches in America. You see a few of the birds raised in your aviary.  However, birds that won’t breed in that setting come from our breeding facility. Seven aviary attendants care for and assist in raising the species of birds that delight bird watchers among us. 

As the world’s population increases, habitat for many birds is lost. Birds compete with humans, not just for space, but for food as well. A farmer’s fields can easily be decimated by a flock of birds.  They may eat all of the grain that the farmers need to feed their families. Living Design works with these problems in many ways. We oppose the mass importation of wild caught birds. Yet in cases where birds damage crops and are likely to be killed or displaced, we think a better alternative is to let them live out their lives in our aviaries. We hope we can give local people an incentive to save these birds and not kill them. 

Conserving birds in the wild is equally important to us. Living Design has contributed thousands of dollars to preserving habitat in the wild. None of us can save our natural world alone.  At Living Design, we do everything we can to help our own little specialty of passerines. 

Your continued support of, and interest in our work allows us to continue our efforts to provide for the conservation and welfare of birds and wildlife in general.

Thank you!