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Gouldian Finches

Gouldian Finches

“Residents who haven’t talked much in the past will count birds or name their colors as they watch the flying finches.”
– IL, Administrator

Nature Is Ageless

Changing Minds About Eldercare

Presenting birds in aviaries was unheard of when Living Design set out to change attitudes about eldercare. At that time, elders were called “old people” and lived in “old people’s homes.” The only reason anyone would go into the home was if they had a family member living there.

The average consumers still isn't aware of all the advancements made in the care of elders.  At a time when they need your services, families remain reluctant to avail themselves.  Why?  Their idea of aging care is still that of "old people living out their days in old people's homes."  How do you bring them into the new age?  Living Design continues to lead the way. 

Animated residents gathered around a Living Design aviary are not what visitors expect to see as they step into your facility. When they do… it changes their perception of eldercare.

Visitors come to see the birds and stay to visit residents. Families take a trip to the facility because their kids like the birds. While there, they interact with residents eager to share their bird knowledge with the visitors. For this younger generation, aging will be seen as a time of life to be treasured and respected.

If only all of life’s ills were so easily treated…

Perhaps they are. You know how wonderful you feel when you walk outside and hear the birds singing. No matter what else is going on in your life, for that moment, the singing birds signal all is well with the world.

Blue Cap WaxbillWhen people move from living independently to a facility you want them to feel that, in spite of the many changes/losses, all will again be well with their world. For residents and their families, a Living Design aviary hastens the transition from loss to delight at how much life has yet to offer.

Living Design aviaries soothe the way for those whose life is changing. Leaving behind their independence, they often feel their life is over. It isn’t, it’s just changed, and the birds are there to reassure them… all that was naturally beautiful in their life, remains.