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Blue Cap Waxbill

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Spice Finch

Spice Finch

"The aviary is a really big hit; the residents just love it! They are always keeping an eye out for who is nesting and are awaiting the arrival of chicks!"
– PA, Activity Director

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I choose the best location for my aviary?

Your Living Design aviary is like a warm fireplace; people are drawn to it. With that mind, choose a location where they can spend time watching the birds without blocking traffic or feeling that they are in someone’s way. In addition, choose a location where residents will be comfortable entertaining their guests.

How is the aviary assembled?

The Living Design staff delivers, assembles and installs the aviary for you!  We then work with your staff to show you how to take care of your aviary. It is a time of great excitement for your residents and staff when the birds arrive.

How will Living Design stay involved with my aviary?

Our established Quarterly Management Program makes maintenance simple for your staff. Our Service Technician’s quarterly visits alleviate major cleaning tasks for your staff and ensure that your birds remain healthy and productive.

The Living Design management program ensures your aviary remains a positive experience for everyone… staff, residents and visitors.

What maintenance is required of our staff?

Living Design has developed a system which requires a minimal amount of care on the part of your staff.

The birds are fed once a week and the water changed twice a week. To keep the aviary attractive for residents and guests, visible feathers, nesting materials, and droppings are skimmed regularly from the bedding between our visits. You’ll want to wipe the inside and outside of the aviary’s windows, as well.

Just a few minutes care a week, and your aviary will remain a clean, happy haven for your birds, and a joy for your Home!

Birds & Supplies

Where do I get supplies?

A Living Design aviary is a complete system. Everything needed to care for the birds is included. That means the aviary, birds, lighting system and timer, feeding and watering equipment, and our “how to” guide, Living Design’s Answer Book.

Can we use birds other than those you supply?

No, and here's why: 

Living Design provides a wide variety of birds that come from our closed flock. If you were to introduce a bird from somewhere else, compatibility and bird health would be compromised. Not all birds get along plus you would expose our birds to whatever that bird carries. We know the birds are healthy and by following our bird care protocol, will remain so. 

What is Pet Therapy?

Pet Therapy is incorporating animals to help the healing/living process. Research shows contact with animals of all types to be beneficial to humans. Living Design provides birds in a natural setting as a form of therapy.

The aviary is ideal for people physically unable to do anything else, watching the birds is an activity they can enjoy in solitude or as part of a community. For residents with Alzheimer’s, the birds become the focus of attention. Hyperactive residents or those who wander are soothed in the presence of the birds.

Can we raise birds in our aviary?

Yes, with our Management Program you have access to our breeding birds. Your residents and visitors will be fascinated and delighted by the process; eagerly watching from the egg hatching to the first flying lessons.

Which birds and how many will be in my aviary?

Your aviary will house a community of birds chosen for color, sound and movement; selected to ensure compatibility. The collection is designed to meet the needs of residents, regardless of their skill level.  The number depends on the size of the aviary; the larger the aviary the more birds. 

Once the three basic elements of color, sound and movement have been met, we take it to the next level by including birds that will successfully (and at times, frequently) raise young in the aviary. For residents, this is a delightful reaffirmation of the pattern of life.