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Quarterly Management: The Key To A Successful Aviary

A breeding aviary is the source of great excitement for residents, staff and families. Each aviary is environmentally stable, meaning there is ample space for the adults to live their normal life cycle with enough room to raise their young. One way we ensure breeding in your aviary is through our Quarterly Management Program.

What is covered under the Management Program?

Birds able to breed in your aviary are available to you only under our Management Program. We continually manage the birds in your aviary and maintain their health.

Star FinchWith our service, all supplies such as feed, bedding, cleaners, medication required to sustain the aviary are also delivered each quarter.

Your peace of mind is important when dealing with living creatures. An important element of our maintenance is continuity of trained, informed bird care technicians and customer care personnel. Because our entire staff is involved in ongoing training you can trust that assistance is available when you need it.

Adult Bird Guarantee: An integral part of our Maintenance Program is replacement of adult birds at no additional cost to you. This has been especially appreciated by those who know that Living Design works with birds not available anywhere else.

What can I expect at maintenance time?

Your technician will contact you to set an appointment the week before the service. You can expect a return visit within two weeks of the “approximate date” shown on the work order.

Technician Working

While on site we will:

  • Examine and medicate birds
  • Maintain scheduled bird immunizations
  • Clip claws and beaks
  • Disinfect entire aviary
  • Remove and replace bedding
  • Replace branches and leaves, as needed
  • Replace light system as scheduled
  • Ongoing education for residents/staff
  • Assist primary caretaker in providing care
  • Clean aviary interior: wash leaves
  • Clean and disinfect nests, branches
  • Polish windows
  • Repack nesting material, as needed
  • Exchange or replace birds
  • Repair aviary as ordered
  • Restock supplies for one quarter
  • Evaluate effectiveness of your care plan
  • Record and analyze trends in the aviary
  • Make adjustments based on the analysis