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Bronze Wing Mannikin

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Green Singer

Green Singer

"We value the relationship we have had with Living Design for nearly 20 years. The aviary has a remarkable effect on people, bringing untold moments of delight to many of our patients and residents. Thanks for upholding such a superior level of service to us."  - MT, CEO.  

Birds as Therapy

Resident watching birdsAnimal assisted therapy provides the benefit of animals to help in the healing/living process.

Research shows contact with animals is beneficial to us throughout our lives. Until now, the labor intensive nature of pets has stood in the way for many facilities.

By presenting birds in a natural environment, we make it possible to maintain the human-animal connection with nature. Our approach is ideal for those who cannot or will not participate in other activities.

Bird watching is an activity everyone can enjoy regardless of skill level. For special needs residents, bird watching focuses attention. For hyperactive residents or those who wander, the birds are a soothing source of pleasure.