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Spice Finch

Spice Finch

“Residents who’ve never left their rooms come to the aviary, morning and evening. It’s important for them to see life.”
– WI, Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator

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Welcome to Living Design's Gift Shop. We've selected items that are sure to delight birds as well as bird lovers.

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Bird Throw

49 x 59 bird throw $44.99.jpg

Baby it's cold outside. Snuggle up in a beautiful throw and enjoy a cup of hot tea. 

49" x 59"

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Live and Let Green

IMG_0998 cropped.jpg

Even if you don't have a green thumb, these will stay green for a lifetime!

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Coffee Up With a Bird Cup


Exclusively ours...A morning cup of cheer with everyone's favorite Zebra Finches for company! 

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Spray Millet


It's yummy for their tummy and oh, such fun to watch as the birds pick millet from the spray hanging in your aviary.

Break this bundle down into 5 or 6 smaller pieces for a treat a week! 

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Swing Branch


Everyone loves a swinger! But you can't be a swinger without a swing.

While our swing branch looks like the real thing, it's made of easy to clean ceramic. Bird lovers will enjoy watching the birds 'to and fro' on their swing.

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Birdie Buffet


Our transparent Birdie Buffet provides bird watchers an opportunity to see their feather friends enjoy special treats.

The covered buffet attaches to the window with suction cup mountings. Two easy-to-remove food trays provide space for food. Remove the trays to clean. 

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Birds Gone Wild


Exclusively ours...Our exclusive wild bird seed keeps your outdoor birds coming back for more. Our mix is designed to attract a wide variety of birds native to your area. No fillers, just good seed!

Available in 5 lb. ($15.95) and 15 lb ($47.95) bags. Plus s/h

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Forever Green

IMG_2159 cropps.jpg

You don't need a green thumb to keep this beautiful.  These silk succulents will brighten any room. 

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Nature Touches Every Heart

Nature Touches Every Heart.jpg

Add a touch of spring to your room with a whimsical wall hanging.

5 ½” x 5 ½” Assorted Messages

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Memories ...

Picture Frame.jpg

Not sure about you, but this brings to mind Barbara Streisand’s 1981 classic. But besides singing about memories you can also keep them right at hand in this fun picture frame.  The perching birds add the perfect touch of nature.


For 5 x 3.5 Photos  Only one left!

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Silver Birds


3" x 2" set of 3, assorted.

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Standing Tall

IMG_5244t $22.jpg

Add a pop of color to your space with this fun bird. 

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Helpful Bird Friend

Key Hook.jpg

Have you ever spent time searching your home for your car keys? Or what about looking everywhere  in your office for the aviary keys? Well, here’s something just for you!  Add a touch of nature as you keep your keys safe with this fun bird key hook.   

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Welcome Home

Bird House Lightened.jpg

Spruce up any room with this unique hand painted birdhouse. 

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Home Sweet Home

A cozy loving place to call home is really all you need.jpg

A cozy, loving place to call home is really all you need. Enjoy this whimsical birdhouse. 

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Ceramic Birds in a Nest

3 birds in a nest - Cutout - brighten.png

You can almost hear the song coming from these darlings. 

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Life's Journey

Fall Journal.jpg

So much happens each and every day … write down your favorite experiences in a beautiful journal.  

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Zebras Of Note


Exclusively ours...These mischievous Zebras join you in sending your best wishes to friends and family on note cards adorned with a bevy of birds.

Notecards and envelopes in packs of 5

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