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Green Singer

Green Singer

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”        – Audrey Hepburn

Indoor Gardens

Indoor GardensGrowing To Meet The Changing Needs Of Your Residents

When your residents lived independently, many of them expressed themselves through gardening. Now that they’ve moved to your Home, that avenue of expression is lost to them… or is it?

Health care facilities around the country tell us that residents blossom with Living Design Indoor Gardens. The benefits provided by our hand-crafted gardens are seen the moment the natural wonder arrives.

One-on-one, or part of a small group, residents enjoy getting back to nature. Planting, watering and yes, even weeding restores them to nature's familiar patterns.

A Living Design Indoor Garden is a simple yet effective way to give residents a valuable form of therapy otherwise hard to provide on a daily basis.

Busy Hands Mean Happy Hands

Living Design gardens make the miracle of nature part of residents’ lives.

Residents have a new outlook on life as they interact with staff, visitors and other residents while their hands are busy gardening. Everyone agrees nature plays an important part in our lives. Just because we’re no longer independent, doesn’t remove our need for nature. How to do it successfully without excessive staff involvement has been the problem. Until now.

Special Needs Met

Residents with special needs find a focus in the garden; less social or chronically depressed residents are motivated to communicate with staff and other residents as they dig in the earth. Contact with their Living Design Garden becomes an invaluable, irreplaceable part of their day.

With a garden, your residents return to the familiar, comfortable feeling of being in touch with all that is natural. What joy for your residents!

Hassle-Free Care

All that is required to install our garden is a 110v grounded outlet for the light system.

Residents help plant and water; giving them a sense of ownership of the garden. Many customers use the simple garden as an independent activity as well as with groups.

Choose a design to match your existing aviary or a stand-alone piece. The garden is a lovely addition to any home even when not being used by residents.